Each of our SF 2-Way-Bags are handmade from 100% Bovine leather and are delicate and susceptible to scuff marks or scratches. It is also important to note that leather is a natural product and therefore each piece is unique in shade and natural markings. 
To care properly for your leather:
  • Keep leather out of direct sunlight;
    Avoid dirt build-up by wiping any marks immediately with a damp sponge or cloth. Allow to dry naturally;
    For best results use a leather cleaner and nourish and treat with a leather conditioner. For best results, SF uses Renapur Leather Balsam that can be found at Woodheads in 29 Caledon Street, Cape Town;
  •        Avoid rough/sharp surfaces where possible to avoid scratching.
  •        Avoid "over-filling" your bag as the leather can stretch and morph in shape.