Hi, I am Sarah!


I am a Rabbi’s Wife and mother of five adorable children! I grew up in a religiously observant home (dad is also a Rabbi), and while I have always loved my faith, I often struggled to find clothing that met the modesty guidelines but was still fashionable and stylish; and I’ve always loved fashion and style! The way I see it, adhering to modesty guidelines does not mean that one needs to look frumpy! 

 Over the years I have often been asked to help people who are looking for modest yet fashionable clothing and how to wear them. I have also discovered that many people have misconceptions regarding religious women. All of these factors have inspired me to come out with my own range of clothing; clothing that respect the laws of modesty, but are still stylish, fashionable, and can be worn and treasured by all women regardless of faith, background or religious preferences.

 My passion is to help women look great and feel great, so that when you wake up in the morning and open your closet, you love what you see and look forward to taking on the day to come!

 I have spent hours creating and tweaking these designs and styles, and I really hope you’ll find something to suit your taste.

 I value feedback so please feel free to pop me a mail with any questions or comments.

 Happy shopping!

 Sarah x